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    , AndyC wrote


    No, that's actually the only thing that matters. Being FOSS is basically meaningless for 99% of companies out there that have no software developers nor the desire to employ them. For them, software backed by reliable "big name" companies is a much safer investment than software which doesn't have that sense of stability (whether justified or not).

    and many small to say mid size just do not have the time and the bankroll to spend on paying someone to spend time finding out how the code works or who to trust for support.

    as long as that is the case then a lot the time the free software loses.

    I guess Bass you just do not "get it"  90% of the world is not interested in the whole foss thing, they just want stuff that works.   so the foss ideals of giving the the power to the people only addresses the small technical slice of the pie and totally misses the larger audience that it was supposed to help / empower.

    nuff said.