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    "I guess Bass you just do not "get it"  90% of the world is not interested in the whole foss thing, they just want stuff that works."

    90%? That's another interesting statistic. I'd love to see the study. But unfortunately, all I got are studies like this:


    This year's "Future of Open Source Survey" results signal a tipping point for open source software adoption in the enterprise and non-technical industries such as automotive, health care and finance. In the auto industry, for example, 59 percent of the companies surveyed use open source software and 35 percent said they're evaluating it.


    Wow, that's some interesting results! Perhaps you were reading this same study as me, but you made a simple typo? Perhaps you meant "90% of the world is not interested in the whole foss thing"


    Of the 740 companies surveyed, 42 percent said adoption in the non-technical segments was the No. 1 trend driving open source in 2012.


    Hmmm... so it's not just technical segments. This is interesting to me, because I never even worked in a non-technical segment before. Good to know.


    They turn to open source software to escape vendor lock-in, lower costs and increase quality, according to the survey.

    Wow, this statement sure seems familiar.

    Also interesting, "Lack of formal commercial vendor support" was not the biggest barrier to open source adoption. Rather, it was simply unfamiliarity with open source solutions.

    Interesting stuff indeed. FOSS is more popular than some people realise here, I suppose.