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    , AndyC wrote


    LOL, only in fanboy dreams. FOSS projects without substantial backing are high risk options and always will be. Nobody wants to bet heavily on something that disappears overnight because the kid responsible for it got a real job/bored/went to college etc.

    While it's true there are risks for using FOSS stuff Microsoft has left people high and dry too.

    • VBScript
    • J#
    • FoxPro
    • WPF/SL
    • WP7

    I used to think Microsoft was in it for the long game but it's pretty clear with what they did with WP7 and WPF/SL and now their replacement that locks you into W8 that it's "use at your own risk". There is no difference in Microsoft "supporting" a deprecated language, API, etc. or a FOSS project that goes dark. You can still use both stacks they're just not going anywhere. At least if you're desperate for a fix in a FOSS project you can get the source and fix it yourself.

    That said I do give Microsoft credit for embracing FOSS stuff like node.js, jquery, etc. It helps balance things out a bit.