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    , Bass wrote


    I am aware of the concept "statistically insignificant", but I assume my understanding is different than yours. I am not a pro-statistician by any means, so please free to explain how this study is statistically insignificant. Feel free to use to mathematical concepts in your argument. That would make it more enjoyable for me. I like Greek letters, they look very pretty in my font set.

    740 companies. There are more than that in my local Yellow Pages, for a single city in Britain (not a particularly large city as it happens, in by no means the largest country in the world). Do you really need me to do the maths for you?

    And, FWIW, I've spent most of my working life in the higher education sector, which has always been far more heavily skewed in favour of *nix and one of the breeding grounds of FOSS. I've not lived a life in some Microsoft funded cocoon, as you seem to imagine.