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View Thread: The future is almost here (cloud-based IDE just got better)
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    , Bass wrote


    Emacs is alright too, if that makes you feel better. I'm sure it can run on this web console too (ignoring XEmacs of course, heh).

    Really? You think emacs is "alright"?

    Why did you ever bother to move off DOS is CUIs are so great?

    The whole reason why the web was invented was to give a graphical interface to information because the CUIs of the time were cumbersone and nasty and because CUIs are generally pretty crap at conveying information in a usable form to normal users.

    Developers who have decided to take the power of their GUI and make it emulate a CUI are so far past the point of understanding normal users that they frankly should just retire and be done with it.