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    Both Google and Apple are spending more money on patent peckker waving shenanigans (mostly related to mobile) then technological development. I would remind you that it's relatively uncontroversial to call these companies technology companies. That is, companies that produce and develop technology. But you wouldn't know if you read their quarterly expenditures, unless they are producing some really awesome technology for court rooms or something.

    Some people think this is great, because their "fav" company is wins some case, right? But in reality all tech companies these days get sued and sue other tech companies, all of them. Your "fav" might be Microsoft and I can't easily point you to patent cases where Microsoft lost pretty badly. What I am saying is it works both ways. So they win sometimes, lose sometimes. Over time, it averages, they aren't really winning much of anything.

    But that's ignoring the fact that playing the patent game costs money. So you also need to factor the billions of dollars of unrecoverable expenses of playing the legal game. This is not money being transferred between technology companies as the result of a suit. This is money that is permanently lost to technical development, and if you survey the tech industry, this is a big sum of money, perhaps enough to hire hundreds of thousands of software engineers and other technologists. But instead it's going to lawyers and other people involved with the legal process.

    Sometimes I wish I got a law degree instead of an engineering degree. It just seems like a safer, easier way to get rich, and you don't have to do silly "benevolent" things like help human social or technological progress to get there.