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    Summary of the link Ian offers:

    Microsoft is suing Motorola over patent theft and trying to add Google to the list of defendents...

    EP0845124 on a "computer system for identifying local resources and method therefor", which is the European equivalent of U.S. Patent No. 6,240,360.

    Patent infringement claim #1 is: "over-the-Internet geotagging" which MS created 3 years before Google existed and is enforceable for 3 more years from today.

    Microsoft clearly wants to end this whole Motorola dispute quickly. If Motorola had not been acquired by Google, I'm almost 100% sure it would have taken a royalty-bearing license by now. There's no reason why an independent Motorola Mobility would have forever refused to do what Samsung, HTC, LG and many others elected to do. But with Google in charge, Motorola can't do anymore what would be best for Motorola itself. ...

    At today's hearing, Dr. Matthias Zigann, the judge presiding over this lawsuit, asked the parties about their willingness to settle. Microsoft's counsel said that this whole "theater" could be cut short if Motorola simply accepted to take a license to his client's patents. But Motorola did not give any indication that it is prepared to do so. ...

    Google cannot win this patent dispute with Microsoft, but it doesn't want to take a license. And if it loses this lawsuit, then Google Maps may become unavailable in Germany next spring as collateral damage of Google's unwillingness to address Android's massive, court-validated patent infringement issues.

    I'm looking forward to the day that NPR news, unlike this morning, lists Windows Phone as a market presence -- today it was "iPhone, Android, and Blackberry", where the topic was the future of the Blackberry. Why they didn't mention Windows Phone I cannot say, but it was disappointing.

    So Androids are banned from Germany? Wow. Windows Phone should grab the user base!