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    , Bass wrote


    "And all projects are of a size that allows a single developer to keep track of all business logic and esoterica within their own head. "

    If your business logic is written cleanly and correctly you wouldn't have to remember it all.

    Gotcha.  You write clean and correct code so those of us who might have to follow up after you can just suck it.

    "And people always interpret names the same way.  And we all speak english."

    And how will comments help there? Comments are also often written in the English language and are often misinterpreted as well.

    It's called 'context'. 

    Expecting the next developer to have to read pages of code just to figure out WTF you where thinking is unethical.  Doing so on a large project is counterproductive.

    I know you'll want to continue to argue this, so how about we split the difference.  I won't make you comment if you won't ever work on any code I'll eventually have to fix.