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    , JoshRoss wrote

    @brian.shapiro: I think that I understand where you are going. If you were to split the world into two parts, finding the problem and offering a solution, what would you call the later, in terms of a process?


    <snip source="wikipedia">

    Hoc and Nguyen-Xuan define computer programming as "the process of transforming a mental plan in familiar terms into one compatible with the computer."



    What would you say the difference is between coding and programming? In my view the two are pretty similar concepts.

    Design is about working out the interface -- whether thats the user interface, some cross-application interface, the interface of the different parts of one program, or different processes of one function. Programming is going about and implementing that design. I consider it to be more about knowing a skillset than about creativity, its the most tedious and boring part of making a piece of software.