Google and Apple are saying "If you want the products we offer, use our exclusive devices".

Microsoft needs a version of IE that includes the complete .Net experience by default. C#, WPF, EntityFramework, ASP.NET, WebApi, etc., are all great tools. Developers should be able to create .NET and WinRT products that run within IE as a native app. (browser is the dev environment). Windows 8 is the opposite, e.g., the Window is the browser.

I never developed an app using Silverlight but I thought it had great potential. MS caved into "techie talk" about how HTML 5 and JavaScript made Silverlight obsolete. That's garbage. No one brought up how fragile JavaScript is and how much development time there is to get around the quagmire that is created using raw JS. Everyone is trying to make JS a major development tool by hiding the core JS framework. Stupid. Take what you have and put it in a browser.

Windows 8 tried to offer all options to everyone, just the opposite of ChromeBook, and Windows 8 is essentially a flop. Microsoft has a huge developer network that can crush ChromeBook if given the chance.  I'm hoping ChromeBook will be a kick in the pants that will wake up some key MS executives. Hopefully, MS will get back to a leadership role rather than just throwing everything against the wall and seeing what sticks. Cheers to all.