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    Hi all,

    For me, it was quite a good day, since the things i feared the most didn't materialize. Nothing major was open-sourced. In fact 'open-source' wasn't even mentioned on the keynote. Wheew. I was really scared that something (like .net) would somehow be opened. That surly happned Smiley. What was mentioned, a lot, was HTML5, as if it makes Windows somehow more standard or open. Yeah sure.

    Microsoft slowly but surly keeps on sailing in the same direction it started in the '90.  Destination: irrelevancy, ETA: sooner and sooner with all the disruptions going on

    I'm wondering if back around 2007, when Microsoft was introducing Silverlight, anyone in the audiance raised their hand and asked: "Hey, is this thing open? What standards it supports?" Or everyone just bought into what the evangelists were saying: Short-sell Adobe, they're toast. We are going to kill them before breakfast.

    I am more and more inclined to think that the misery that Microsoft developers are in (you are free to dispute this, of course), is because of 'evangelists'.

    On the other hand i might be underestimating Microsoft (as I underestimated Intel around 2004 when for a brief magical moment AMD held the crown)