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    ,Diestl wrote


     The browser will be around many decades to come, in fact the browser will become the OS.

    Yeah, right.....   and so the "Browser" today an "application" that runs with the help of an "Operating system" will be extended to the point of taking over all of the needs of running a system?

    or are you saying that we will not have a computer that runs anything but web pages ? sure i can see folks having a super thin pad/tablet/slate thing that surfs the web but I think we will still have a need for a more general use machine that runs more than one app and can be updated / modifed in other ways.

    in any case where we reduce to one super browser app / OS then we would also have to pick from mutliple builds to support different hardware or we all run the same hardware ...

    Monocultures tend to be a bad idea.

    people want choices....