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    ,magicalclick wrote:

    <snip>general public cannot even see the address bar. ... </snip>


     I don't buy it.  Everyone knows that is some address, the only people that don't are people who've completely ignored everything about the internet for the past 15 years, at least.  Any under the age of 20 has grown up with TV commercial after TV commercial advertising internet addresses for as long as they can remember, and knows where to put them in a browser.  It's internet 101!  You'd seriously have to prove it with actual research before I would ever accept that the "general public" doesn't know what an internet address is or what an address bar is.  Kids today learn to type in URLs before they can write cursive or do simple arithmetic.  The only people I know who I guess might not know are at least 60 years old, and that's because they haven't tried learning anything about the 'net and don't have computers.  Even my grandma knew 10 years ago, and God love her heart, she wasn't too bright with technology.  To dumb things down now is completely disrespecting "public" ... mailing a letter is harder to understand, and phone numbers are harder to remember than most URLs.