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View Thread: The significant market share of Windows RT
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    Full quote:

    Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) is being repeatedly requesting Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)  to modify the name of Windows RT through its vice-chairman and president of PC business on the grounds that it is not designed to support genuine Windows software.

    But, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft Corporation is of the view that we cannot call the new OS with a different name because " Windows" served our company well for so many years that customers are used to relating MSFT with Windows therefore, if it is changed then we are going to lose our significant market share.


    The significant market share of... Windows RT? Are they kidding? And yes, the name is terrible. But it's nice to see that "New Microsoft" not only ignores customers, developers, admins and partners, but even the most important OEMs now too! Nice going.

    And it must be RT he's talking about with the "significant market share", because Dell of course doesn't ask that Windows 8 x86 should renamed.


    There's more:
    Additionally, Ballmer clarified that MSFT will provide necessary information about the differences between two platforms which are known as Windows 8 and Windows RT in few days. But, the software giant clearly refused to entertain the featured request made by DELL's top management. ---------

    LOL, what? Win8 is since almost two months on the market, and they will provide necessary information in a few days?


    Ballmer responded by saying that the Windows brand was too important of a franchise to not be used in the company's tablet operating system. The executive's decision has since been heavily criticized and even forced Microsoft to extend its Surface RT return policies after consumers realized the device could not run their favorite Windows applications.

    Utter insanity. How many more clues do they need to realize their problems with Windows 8?

    Yeah, another Windows 8 thread. Deal with it. This forum is a borefest without these posts anyway. If you don't like it, don't read the thread.