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    , dahat wrote

    Lets see... we have 1 more confirmed haven't read but plan to... and 2 clearly haven't.

    Had you read it ScanIAm, you'd know the idea of who "the world truly belonged to" isn't as simplistic as you put it.

    Kinda it is.  I haven't read AS, but I did read fountainhead and Rand's writing style was not to my liking.  I've got a good enough grasp of the storyline that I'm not coming from the point of view of a complet idiot on this.  Atlas Shrugged was and is propaganda used by the super-haves to fool the rest of us into thinking that THE PRODUCERS(tm) (i.e. the wealthy and connected) are constantly limited by the rules and norms of society.  The rest of the unwashed masses should be happy to be in their company and eat the crumbs that fall off their table.  And further, any expectation of more results in faux accusations of class warfare.   Sound familiar?

    This is the same BS idea that says "hey, for the last decade, we kept taxes on the wealthy at historical lows and that didn't get us any jobs.  What we really need to do is give more tax cuts to the wealthy...then they'll REALLY create some jobs."  And that other hit wonder "If we don't pay C-level executives so much, they'll go elsewhere".

    So let them go.

    Rand's theory of objectivism is wonderful on paper, but AS has nothing to do with either objectivism or reality.  She was a nasty person who wrote a nasty book to put forth a nasty agenda for small minded ignorant jackholes who think that luck is the same as merit.

    And, remember, the rules and norms of socitey are the only thing that keeps the great unwashed masses from dragging THE PRODUCERS(tm) into the street and setting them on fire.  This movie will do nothing to discourage that bad behaviour.