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    Last night I discovered that a friend didn't know about a certain movie coming out tomorrow, when I told him what it was he exploded with the same sense of joy I had when I first learned about it.

    What is that movie? Atlas Shrugged.

    52 years after the book was first published, Part 1 (or 3) at last comes to the big screens. There is perhaps no more relevant of a book  to come out in these troubled times than this.

    For those who do not know the book, to quote a friend's description: 

    "Atlas Shrugged," is to Ayn Rand what "The Lord of the Rings" is to JRR Tolkien. It is about a strike against Taggart Transcontinental. The protagonist is Dagny Taggart, who is the COO of the company. (The book was written in the 1950s, so her title is the more old-fashioned "Vice President in Charge of Operations"). In a clever way the book switches you between the perspective of strikers and strike-breakers without you really realizing it. 

    For an example of some of the strike breaking:

    Currently it's only set for a limited release to 300 theaters (as of this typing) in the US (and only 7 in the entire state of Washington as an example)... so seeing it may be tricky see.

    If you can, I would highly recommend seeing it.

    Any 9ners already as excited as I and with their tickets in hand?