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    , vesuvius wrote

    @W3bbo:I have a Vaio as well, and have been thinking about getting a MacBook after going out NYE and seeing the DJ's with a couple of Macbooks. I don't think software like Ableton looks any better on either OS, but Apple have the benefit of people being confident enough that the software won't crash, mid performance. I have not had a BSOD yet on Windows 7 on several machines.

    I am afraid that a Macbook would just gather dust for me, with Windows more of a workhorse. I need to pop into their shop as I have not been there for a while. Also their highest end Macbooks are entry level as far as most Windows hardware, but they seem to get 10 hours battery life and amazing performance.

    *shrugs* I get 9 hours' battery life on my Vaio, and the battery is replacable, and it's still lighter than a MacBook Pro and with better specs. </brag>

    I decided that I cannot buy a MacBook because I don't think I could live with Apple's keyboards. It's bad enough they use Fn+ArrowKeys for Home/End/PgUpDn but they don't even have Ins/Del keys which, as a code monkey, I find essential. The MBC 17" just doesn't look right when you consider all the empty-space on the body, there's enough room for a full-size numeric keyboard.