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    , Srikanth_t wrote

    how we have come to this situation.

    Lack of new killer apps. Its because 60% of the time users are browsing the web or running web apps.  High speed mobile internet access is giving consumers the impresson they don't need to have a tremendous amount of local storage or processing power.  With the exception of games there haven't been any new killer / must have consumer apps to leverage the horse power of todays most powerful and expensive processors.  A few years ago, industry folks projected we see 8/16 cores become standard fare.  They never justified for what?  Artificial Intelligence hasn't made its way into Windows in any obvious way.  Microsoft hasn't evolved Speech Recognition or Vision to be core to the Windows experience.  Still I'm hopeful, the industry needs to find an answer to excessive commoditization...its not sustainable.  And I don't think counting on telecom/mobile contracts is a long term answer.  CES should have revealed something about a Windows app store and standardized UI framework appropriate for Slates.