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    You can get a Macbook, but a high end Sony Vaio or Toshiba Qosmio aren't exactly undesireable.

    A Sony Vaio with a sleek UI paradigm unique to Sony would be killer, and Sony tried it with their Clie PDAs and it worked alright for them... until Sony realised it wasn't able to properly compete against the then-refreshed Windows Mobile 5.0 and Symbian, which is a shame, because they were nice PDAs and phones.

    As a Vaio owner, I will say I feel Windows isn't "good enough" for the gorgeousness of some of the hardware.

    I say, Microsoft needs to add more features to Windows Professional SKUs (like new visual styles) if only so we can feel more smug about ourselves and look down on Home SKU users. Remember how Windows XP Professional was going to come with the 'Watercolor' theme?