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    , Srikanth_t wrote

    Used to be a "UI Programmer" meant a Windows programmer at least when it comes to native apps. It paid a whole lot of my bills for the past many years. But if the excitement from CES and ofcourse Apple Mania is anything to go by, I think I better rethink my UI side options. On the server side though, I think I will be OK for a while.

     It would be interesting though, to figure out how we have come to this situation. I mean... it's not like this Tablet thingi just fell on our laps only in the last 2 years. I worked on Windows Tablet like 10 years ago at  a Hospital charting system company. So the question it that infamous "having a taste" thing Steve Jobs talked about that worked against us ? That and the constant obsession of Microsoft internal developers with form rather than function ?

    Rather than innovating or competing, Microsoft dedicated itself one hundred per cent to protecting its existing monopoly by attempting to extend it into markets where it was completely unsuitable.

    Apple's approach was different, they fit the tech to the market, rather than trying to convince the market to make do with tech that was a poor fit.