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View Thread: There will be no directX 12?
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    , chb wrote

    Well according to AMDs vice president there will be no new Version of DirectX.

    The article says:

    "Denn die Computer-Industrie hat über viele Jahre von einer kontinuierlichen Erneuerung der DirectX-Schnittstelle profitiert. Ein neues DirectX hat die Branche immer wieder neu aufgefrischt, neue Grafikkarten brauchten stärkere Prozessoren und mehr RAM. Aber es wird kein DirectX 12 kommen. Das war's. Soweit wir wissen gibt es keine Pläne für DirectX 12. Falls das nicht stimmen sollte und mich jemand korrigieren möchte – wunderbar."

    Which roughly translated means:

    "For many years the computer-industry has profited from the continous development/renewal of DirectX. A new DirectX version has always brushed up the industry, new graphics apdaters needed more computing power and more RAM. But there will be no DirectX 12. That's it. As far as we know there are no plans for DirectX 12. If I might be wrong and if somebody wants to correct me - fine."

    I really don't like this uncertanty and do not hope that DirectX falls behind current GPU developments.

    some guy who doe snot work for Microsoft is hardly a confirmed statement.

    yeah he might be important and he might know some stuff but....

    and as another post said:  DX has been thru many updates and do we *NEED* a plan for a new release right now?  unless there is some new tech or bugs to fix then it's ok for no plans for a new build for a while.   as long as they do bug-fix maint stuff then this is not a thing to worry about.