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    , evildictait​or wrote

    I must have missed that. Perhaps if you enumerated a couple of AAA games from 2012 or 2013 on any major platform (by which I mean PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox) that chose OpenGL that would help make your point that OpenGL is popular with games developers.

    The question wasn't about what title/hardware was used last year, but what is coming in the road ahead.

    PS4 moved PSGL, a Sony version of OpenGL ES, away from riding on top of LibGMC and implements their new version of PSGL natively. Wii U's graphics interface is a fully compliant OpenGL 4.1 system.

    All the OSX, iPhone/iPad, Android games use OpenGL. The primary graphics programming interface for the upcoming Ouya and Steambox consoles is OpenGL, same with Raspberry Pi.

    Value hired the original SDL author last year, and a pretty spiffy and new SDL 2.0 had its ABI locked on Friday. SDL 2.0 brings in a unified OpenGL system and now loads the appropriate OpenGL library for whatever platform you are targeting, as well as providing much improved OpenGL extension querying and loading support. Valve is actively porting their source engine powered titles, both new and old, to this new system while working with hardware makers and the SDL 2.0 team to improve everything all around.

    Most all browsers have some support for WebGL, and people have found WebGL support in new versions of Microsoft's IE.

    Then there is the new commitment from hardware vendors to actually improve OpenGL performance for their chips, since a lot of mobile devices use their chips and almost universally rely on OpenGL for games. There are new display managers under development and already working for Linux devices (and also Linux desktops) which are compatible with these improved drivers. Projects have been combined with these new display managers and SDL for big screen applications (XBMC, Steam Big Picture, OpenShot)

    Finally, OpenGL actually provides much better performance in cases over Direct3D.