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View Thread: They've stopped making Crest toothpaste
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    I just received an email from P&G after I asked them:

    Hello Mr. X and thank you for your email.


    Your comments are important to us and I have passed them on to the department concerned.

    I am sorry to tell you that we have stopped making Crest, and unfortunately we don't have any stock left.

    As a company, we constantly monitor how popular our products are. When the sales of a product fall, we feel it is important to make way for new developments.

    We realise that you may be disappointed with our decision to stop making the product, and I hope you will find a suitable alternative soon.

    If you would like advice on alternative products, please visit where you will find our full range of Oral B toothpastes.


    I hope this helps but please contact me again if I can offer any further assistance.


    Kind regards,


    Consumer Relations

    So it seems they've moved it over to the "Oral-B" brand instead. Interesting.