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View Thread: Things are not looking good for Win RT
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    @cbae: I guess I didn't chose the right icon, I am not happy to see Microsoft stumble.

    1. The only interest in WinRT (they are sold out) is from horrified fanboys who grasp at this as the next to last straw
    2. I'll repeat, winrt is related to the (apparent) downfall of wintel. EDIT, EXPLENATION: It's a way for Microsoft to tell Intel: see, we can work on ARM too, so start working! BTW Intel is also telling Microsoft: see, we can work with android too.

    But don't be alarmed, things could change o a dime. Seen it before. Xbox, netbooks, and AMD challenging Intel 8 years ago. The way I see it, Intel would SURLY come up with a chip that's better then ARM. Intel has 2 (that's f*cking two) teams turning out great CPUs. No one else has even one! AMD has 0.5 teams. Now I don't know about ARM, with apple and Samsung and all, but we'll see.