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View Thread: This make me think that XAML might not be with us forever
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    @cbae, I wonder if Ander's new project TypeScript would fit the bill? We were just getting used to XAML technology, and were asking ourselves how long XAML will hang around, when all of a sudden (for us) earlier this week we find TypeScript.  Intriguing.

    At work, we are having debates about whether to stay with Windows Forms (PC only), or use XAML (mostly PC only), but in the end we will want some sort of front-end (client-server) app that can travel outside of the PC into various devices - but know that some of our apps will always stay on the PC in one form or another.  With MS changing their minds all the time, it is difficult to decide which technology to "hang our hats on", as was previously mentioned.  Because when you write something, it stays in place for years sometimes - decades even.  We want to be certain that we'll be able to support this code and not have to rewrite it every two years....