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View Thread: This make me think that XAML might not be with us forever
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    DeathByVisualStudio you need to get a life.   Microsoft is a big corporation and trust is something you should not apply to them or any other corporation.   The PC is not dead and I would argue that a phone, a tablet etc is a personal computer (PC) .   You might use it a bit differently or use it in different scenarios.   Its a good thing that PC's are in different form factors and yes we can own more than one.   As Charles said the key word is AND.   I am not going to do Solidworks on my phone, or develop apps on it but yes I use it for browsing, web etc.    So what.  Microsoft is trying to do is make tools for it that are an improvement.   Its not like they are made up of 3 people in a room and all of a sudden they say we now have to work on this and not that anymore.  

    Do you even look beyond your narrow view of all the stuff they do at Microsoft?  They have all kinds of platforms that are useful in a wide variety of end products.   I dont think any of it will go away if Microsoft sees there is a need and gets to generate monies from it.   Just because it is not getting attention right now does not mean it is dead.   One thing I have also learned is that if what you are replacing is not better than what you have it wont make it in the market no matter how much you hype it up.