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View Thread: This make me think that XAML might not be with us forever
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    , JohnAskew wrote

    Isn't fanbaby already identified as a nay-sayer on MS in general? What's that for?

    I agree with those who speak in support of XAML. Obviously those who spoke beforehand do not use it and have not gotten their expertise around it - or they'd like using it. Perhaps they have only ever written for the web, something has them half-in, half-out so there is nothing compelling use of XAML like desktop apps, real LOB enterprise apps.

    Browsers suck. Whoever thought putting a LOB app there is still very wrong, imho. Deployment lightweights, the lot.

    Silverlight is the only sane way to attempt to put a serious LOB on the web. Got to have state. XAML beats HTML/CSS/JS on all counts.

    Why are web devs so nutty sometimes?


    well at some level it's a mix of things like EGO and how none of us want to be working on the stuff that is "old and ready to be dumped" face it .... folks want to say they are working on the new / cool stuff that is "right" like some level of "this is the one true good tech that all you others are missing out on"

    some times this is a minor thing, other times it grows into a giant war....