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View Thread: This make me think that XAML might not be with us forever
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    I still have MFC C++ Apps I wrote for a company 12 + years ago and they still make millions a year on it.    Winforms are fast and easy to put together along with C# or if you prefer.   I dont care what anyone says ,  WPF / XAML take a bit longer to get an app done but it does turn out nicer.   It depends if you need something quick or something more refined.     I hang my hat on what works, what is fairly easy to use and debug, and what other team members can understand and contribute to.   What I like about some of the things Anders does, is he has a deep understanding of what developers need to get their work done.   I need to know and understand my application domain and have it satisfy my end users.   I do not need to know all the plumbing, and memorizing more api's and semantics of a particular language.   When I do lower level stuff that needs a hardware interface I typically use C and try to develop a layer so managed code can then take over at the higher end.  If you are doing web apps and you want to use typescript then go for it.   I dont particularly like it but it is a step up from the mess of javascript.