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View Thread: This make me think that XAML might not be with us forever
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    Charles I think the problem is that alot of people cannot understand that there are choices.  They are used to a world where someone says use this and you will like it because it is the best.   So then arguments start up and there is always some under handed strategy of evil to end one technology over another.   Its like going to the dealer to buy a car.  Do you want stick or automatic?  And the customer then asks the sales guy which one is better?   The sales guy says if you know how to drive stick you might have more fun with the stick shift.   If you dont just stick to driving the automatic.  You pretty much end up getting to the same place.    I think this frame of mind will keep going. 

    Java versus .Net  ...  C# versus VB ...   C++ versus  C#  ...  Power PC big endian versus Intel little endian ...   AMD versus Intel    ARM versus both of them  ...    any more tech wars you can think of .

    Apple versus MS ..  Google versus MS .. Linux versus MS ...

    And all these debates talk about 1 winning and 1 losing when the truth is there is room for all of them.