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View Thread: This make me think that XAML might not be with us forever
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    , AndyC wrote


    Huh? have I slipped back in time to the mid 2000s again? Web apps were all the rage, those days are gone, have been ever since the introduction of apps on the iPhone/iPad.

    Seems like many native device apps (multiple platforms of course, yeah!)  have corresponding web sites many of which are moving towards HTML5.

    So for content providers (news, music, and other services) you end up having:

    • Principle web site/app (lowest common denominator) that's either very ajax-y or HTML5ish
    • Mobile web site/app (browser compat fun) OR
    • Native device apps (one for each platform)

    And if you're really lucky you have a legacy desktop app to continue to support to boot. Let's also not forget the glue that is web services, security implementation (preferably one that works singularly across your apps), and a database (cloud or otherwise).

    It would be great if Apple iEverything, Android, BB, et all would just disappear so we have a more homogenous environment to work against but Microsoft lost that battle long ago. There are plenty of miss-steps here:

    • Lack of development of IE
    • Lack of success with tablet OS (origami, Windows tablet extensions -- more could have been done earlier here rather than being fixated on the desktop UI)
    • Lack of development of WinMo (same issue as previous)
    • And finally the mocking of the initial iPhone and not responding as if it were a serious threat.

    Then throw on top of that pile the epic curtailment of WPF/SL with no story for LOB apps in W8 other that "re-imagine" them (oh and "skills transfer", yeah!). All-in-all it's a regular Greek tragedy.