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"This website wants to use Java" dialogue on random websites (IE 10)

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    (Sorry for hijacking the brainpower of the Coffeehouse for tech support, I couldn't think of ideal Google keywords and didn't have much luck searching for the answer to the following question)

    I recently installed Java on my system (to use the scanning facility on my parent's HP LaserJet/JetDirect setup). Since then I've noticed that I get random "this website wants to use Java" dialogues on websites that I know don't use Java (in the exemplar screenshot below it's Facebook, but I get it on other websites too). Is this expected behaviour?I'm a bit concerned I may have fallen victim to an exploit or something at somepoint. (EDIT: Or that they may be serving me exploit ridden ads.)

    I use MSE (Win 8 "Windows Defender") for AV and am running a full scan as we speak and I'll follow that with an online scanner such as Trend Micro HouseCall but I wondered what people here thought of this.

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    @GoddersUK: I've gotten that before too on both Windows 8 and IE10 on Windows 7. I'm wondering if the Java plugin is trying to do something, or if something on the page might be sniffing for Java, even if it doesn't use it. It might be some JavaScript library that is sniffing for browser capabilities.

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    It is a java update. I have also encountered that often when I open my IE10.

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    Just disable the plugin: Click the toothwheel -> Manage addons.

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    Good, as long as this behaviours not indicative of badware on my computer... Smiley

    Java is now going to be nuked anyway, as I've finished the scanning that I was doing...

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