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    I have been working on a new machine on an inherited project, and find myself almost splitting blood at NuGet.

    I think that the old way is still best, in ensuring that any dependencies that an application has, can be saved into a folder and checked into source code. it just saves so much time. If a new starter arrives, you can just point them to a folder and within a very short space of time (well in truth, an hour or so), they can be sure they have the correct dependencies.

    As it is (WCF Data Services and your file versions) I have wasted a couple of days tring to get a project to compile, and the notion of cloud based dependency is soon to become like an app store, where you are just flooded with URL's.

    I think NuGet was a very good move, but people (Microsoft included) should still make available software like Entity Framework as something that will allow people to store in their source code repositories.