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View Thread: Thoughts on the trend to make web sites that do not work with IE ?
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    , Blue Ink wrote

    @figuerres: looks like that second site you listed just removed the silly message box (just commented it out, so we can still admire its awesomeness).

    I guess someone in marketing just found out they were turning away 50% of their potential customers and I guess they weren't amused.

    Good job Smiley

    possibly the author of the site who owns the business saw this and saw my name here and is now not liking me at all .... but i can deal with that if that's the case ....

    it's a business site that i have bought from in the past, I am building a model ship in wood and they have some really great  guides on how to make them.

    if anyone ever wants to try making an amazing wood ship model they are the folks to get the step by step guide on how to do it.