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    , Quppa wrote

    Seems very unlikely that the absence of ClearType sub-pixel anti-aliasing is a bug - it's missing from the Metro/Modern/Immersive environment in Windows 8 and also random elements of the desktop UI (the clock, the language switcher, Windows Explorer window titles, titles in taskbar window previews and likely elsewhere), not to mention IE10 and Office 2013.

    We can only speculate as to why it's fallen out of favour - possibly due to its incompatibility with tablets that need to support multiple screen orientations.

    Yup I agree, that's true and we've all known for quite some time that Cleartype doesn't work well when rotated in portrait mode and it's probably the main reason for it's phasing out (plus MS hoping that everyone will buy new devices with super high PPI displays) but it still annoys allot of people that we desktop users simply can't choose to turn it back on.
    It's not the design choices that annoy me and many other people, it's the fact that we don't have the option to modify it back to what's more acceptable to US.