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Tim Cook is filled up with Ballmer-envy!

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    Sources close to Apple's iOS development team claim that the fruity company is taking cues from Microsoft to completely redesign a popular, familiar operating system. The upcoming iOS 7 platform will reportedly sport an entirely new design, breaking away from the glossy sea of apps that first began to flow on the original iPhone back in June 2007.

    The new interface, reportedly codenamed "Innsbruck", will be "very, very flat" like Windows Phone 8: all the gloss, shine and "skeuomorphism" will be ripped out. That means icons will be void of any shadows, reflections and heavy textures, and may be presented as mere multi-colored boxes with the app's logo. This would make a more streamlined interface across both multiple devices and time itself.,22323.html

    Hipsters and Metrotards... United. At last.

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    The pioneers are gone, the second-raters are in command. Looks like Cook is worse than Ballmer. I get the feeling that Apple will hit a downward-spiral soon.

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    Oh, sorry.

    Haven't noticed.

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    Don't call it Metro, just call it Good Design

    Am I saying everything should be "flat"? Oh jeez I hate that term. If you ever hire a designer, developer or read an article with the words Flat Design in their title, just runaway, run to the mountains, because that person doesn't understand that this isn't about being flat, it's not a style... Styles come and go, like fashion styles... They are hot now, they are dead in two years. The thing Microsoft and now Apple (thank you Ive), and a huge number of UX and UI design agencies are trying to do is to apply the design principles of Modernism. Modernism, you know? The philosophical, fine arts, architecture, cinematographic movement that started in the early 20th century. Bauhaus, Swiss design, International style, Helvetica and geniuses like Massimo Vignelli, Walter Gropius, Mies Van der Rohe, Richard Meier, Dieter Rams, Luis Barragan, Stanley Kubrick and even Jonathan Ive from Apple are just some of the lighthouses and masterminds that spent a century exploring the same things that today's designers are exploring. How to convey stories, and enable user experiences. We simply happen to have a different medium, it's not oil or acrylic, nor brick and mortar, but pixels. Those tiny little sparks of light that we as designers carefully arrange and order. That's our medium, plus the input mechanisms which these days we have plenty. So when someone says 'flat' then the conversation automatically degrades to talking about styles or fashions instead of a timeless movement like Modernism. Read more about the guys I mentioned above, read more about Modernism, the movement, not the style.

    Great article. Smiley



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