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View Thread: Time for EU anti-trust regulators to chop Apple's phallus off?
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    , GoddersUK wrote


    Anyone would think you're trying to convert me into a paranoid FOSS promoter.Devil

    I also don't agree with your logic that an EULA that (traditionally) basically said "you can use n copies of this software for (non)commercial purposes and don't pirate it and there's no warranty" (and perhaps a few other clauses of dubious enforceability) is in any way comparable this.

    Dubious enforceability is what makes EULAs tolerable. But, code is law. Apple has EULAs justifying their behavior, but if it was just EULA no one would pay much attention to it, and they'd have to involve lawyers and whatever it becomes more insane and difficult.

    But what really makes this new idea painful is it is being enforced through code. And that is powerful, more powerful than some random legal document nobody reads.