Or any other jurisdiction's regulators, for that matter.

See: http://www.liveside.net/2012/12/11/does-skydrive-need-to-play-by-apples-rules/



I'm sorry, but there is no way that what Apple are doing can be construed as right. Not content with blocking the SkyDrive app Apple are blocking any 3rd party app that uses SkyDrive, since the sign in screen displays a sign up link. If you follow that link you could buy extra storage without Apple seeing a cut of that. This is despite the fact that the said transaction costs Apple nothing, Apple contribute to it in no meaningful way and, frankly, Apple deserve none of that money. They're simply exploiting their dominant position in the market to line their own pockets and point people towards their own services to the detriment of the consumer, the industry and even their own app ecosystem.