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View Thread: Time for EU anti-trust regulators to chop Apple's phallus off?
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    , Bass wrote



    In what market does a manufacturer of a product totally hide the internals of product and even sue you if you dare open the hood? Oh yeah, it's called the proprietary software industry.

    Basically, none of this is new or special. Your ability to control and tinker with your own [mainstream] devices was lost in the 80s with the rise of EULAs. Microsoft and Apple are just evolving the idea further, it's part of a decades long war on general purpose computing. You'll be desensitized to it in time, perhaps forgetting that it was even possible to install software without the OS vendor's approval.

    Anyone would think you're trying to convert me into a paranoid FOSS promoter.Devil

    I also don't agree with your logic that an EULA that (traditionally) basically said "you can use n copies of this software for (non)commercial purposes and don't pirate it and there's no warranty" (and perhaps a few other clauses of dubious enforceability) is in any way comparable this.