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View Thread: Time for a Win8 Taskforce website like Aerotaskforce?
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    I've been thinking about how Win8 is similar to a console game.
    Win8 is a perfectly good OS, just like Win7 is, but here's how it's similar to a console game.
    Console games (XBox, PS3 etc.) are designed to be used on TVs with game controllers
    PC games are made to be run on computers with nice monitors, mice and keyboards.

    When you port a console game to PC it just feels wrong because many games play much better with a mouse and keyboard and the resolution is often higher so the console games are often considered dumbed down. I don't find Win8 to be terribly dumbed down but sometimes it does have that feel to it.
    I believe one time a company decided to allow console and PC users to play online together but they had to cripple the PC players because their setup was so much more accurate that they would always win.
    Forcing actions and UI designed for touchscreens on people who are using mice, keyboards and multiple monitors just feels like those console ports that don't give us mouse/keyboard users the options that make our hardware more efficient and accurate.

    Like I've said before, I'll be happy to use the Modern UI on a Surface Pro or something similar  when I buy one and I'm not complaining about the performance or stability of Win8, just the UX and that's why it would be good to have a Win8 Taskforce website.
    It's not for complaining about how bad the OS is (because it's not), it's about helping Microsoft fix the usability issues/weirdness the majority of us wish they could improve.