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View Thread: Time for a Win8 Taskforce website like Aerotaskforce?
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    I know he doesn't think it was such a big deal but when Long Zheng helped start the aero taskforce site it made a difference.

    It's time someone (if not the very busy Long Zheng himself) started up a Win8 taskforce.

    We all know how non-touchscreen users have been ignored when it comes to the UX in Win 8.
    An otherwise very nice modern OS has been made rather clumsy by forcing touchscreen gestures/menus on us mouse users.

    It would be great if another effort like this could be made to help make Win8 better. Maybe now that Sinofsky isn't there anymore we can start to see some logical changes. I know you can't blame one guy and maybe it has nothing to do with him but it's a good time for the higher ups in the Windows division to show that they care.

    Just giving non-tablet users the option to turn on Cleartype in IE10 would be a nice start. it makes my eyes water within a few minutes