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    , BitFlipper wrote


    We all know it doesn't, but you are clearly missing the point. Since the ship costs $569,9970,000 more than my car, you'd think they would have been able to spring for a system that can protect the ship in the case where it is about to be destroyed. You know, something that rivals my cheap car's nav system?

    You may well be sacrificing the crew and the passengers to save the ship. What if the captain had decided to sail into shallow waters to give folk a better chance of making it to land? What if he has to take some other extreme action that would normally be considered dangerous? 

    In the case of your car, it may be okay to apply the brakes automatically (though I'd be surprised if the car still prevented you from accelerating). In the case of a half a billion tonne cruise liner carrying four thousand people, the final decision is best left with the captain – just not this particular captain. Sad