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To the Channel 9 dev team: Video quality, feeds and Zune

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    Sorry. I think I posted this to the wrong place. And for some reason I can't seem to be able to post it again in "Site Feedback". Oh well.. Guess I'll try again later.

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    We are aware of these issues (iTunes/feed) and will resolve. Thanks for the notification! Not sure about the video quality concern as you didn't post anything about it...


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    @Charles:It must be about the This Week on Channel 9 video. It's in super slow quality. But you know that allready since you responded in those comments, but I guess that must be what he ment.

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    @Charles: Sorry for the delayed reply. And for the missing info. I ran into a slight problem. I posted to the wrong forum (Coffeehouse instead of Site Feedback). It wouldn't let me post the same post in the correct location, so I edited this one.

    My "re-post" can be found here (with specifics about what I meant):

    I haven't had time to test since then. I'll try to re-test, and see if the issue is still there.

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    @loge:I replied on that other thread with a feed you should try using, let us know if that helps you out

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