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View Thread: Tobacco companies ordered print confession on packages
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    Blue Ink

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    While true I think it puts an unfair burden on society to have to care for these people as they get sick. The same as those who eat fast food, ding-dongs, etc. and then blame the obesity "disease". People who make these obviously poor choices that cost the rest of us should be required to pay extra in health insurance premiums, sign "do not resuscitate" waivers, etc. so they can exercise their "rights". If not that then we need to put a healthcare tax on every one of these types of debilitating products. The same goes for alcohol and marijuana. If people are so dead set on being stupid then let them but let them also pay for their own coffin.


    Do you realize where this "righteous reasoning" is going to lead?

    What about HIV positives, unwanted pregnancies, bikers (darned bikers, paramedics should also check if they are wearing the mandated protective gear and, if not, leave them there to bake like roadkills), those who engage in extreme sports, couch potatoes, people who believe in homeopathy or other unsanctioned medical procedure... Oh, and why cure inmates, while we are at it? That bunch of murderers, rapists and serial double parkers made all the bad choices that led them there; they are already "an unfair burden on society", don't let them ruin healthcare too.

    I was afraid this would turn into a reductio ad hitlerum, turns out it's more of a reductio ad inquisitionem. That's creepy.