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    @lensman:I think you are putting too much faith in people taking the time to consider and acknowledge risks when there's some type of social setting/peer pressure involved when you are 10-15 old and are offered something new for free. I suspect there's enough awareness in western countries by now but smoking has greatly increased in some countries in last 20 years and I suspect the risk awareness for first timers isn't quite universal.

    No doubt the companies have had time and money to research how to make the first smoke addictive enough so that you're hooked immediately.


    If e-cigs were to really take off (so tobacco companies would start selling them), no doubt we'd see these additives that truly make the addiction make their way into e-cigs as well.


    Technically, nicotine is not significantly addictive, as nicotine administered alone does not produce significant reinforcing properties.[54] However, after coadministration with an MAOI, such as those found in tobacco, nicotine produces significant behavioral sensitization, a measure of addiction potential.