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    Maddus Mattus

    , evildictait​or wrote

    Some parents have no intention of changing. A father who is on meth and who sells his daughter to his drugs supplier should not be "helped to become a better parent". He should be punished and his daughter taken away from him to somewhere where her rights will be better protected.

    No amount of liberal "but she'll regret not having her father around", or "but he should be given the chance to redeem himself", or "but her foster parents might abuse her too" is fair to her. People who do bad things to other people should suffer the consequences, and their victims should be given the opportunity to have their rights respected elsewhere.

    Again, don't create laws for all parents because there are excemptions. For the law we are all the same, so if you create laws to monitor parental decisions everyone is subject to them. Her individual rights should be protected, but the parent has rights also. It's a thin line you are walking on here.

    As for the second paragraph, I totally agree with you. I hate that bullcrap also.

    I dont agree that the sate should take care of them, their community (family, friends) should first. State should come stone dead last.

    And people who smoke in the car with their children are abusing them, because they are selling their children's future health for a nicotine fix.

    If you want to talk about risks, consider this; more people die on the road then from smoking. So by that notion, anyone driving their kids anywhere is abusing their children. Should we lock them up in their room? How about when I take my kids skeeing? Ice skating? To the MacDonalds?

    Where do you draw the line? And what makes you think that line is just?

    That's a very strange view of the law you've got going on there.

    Very few people murder other people. But that doesn't mean we don't have laws to prevent it. And it doesn't mean that we're treating everyone as a murder suspect.

    You can have laws making it illegal to inflict physical harm upon other persons, you can't have laws forcing people to become better parents. You will end up in a system of total control and zero freedoms.