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    My 2 cents on the smoking "problem" is that while I am personally opposed to smoking, I also feel we are reaching a point where we are persecuting folks way out of order of the risks involved.  Nobody, with half a brain, does not know smoking places you at a higher risk.  As long as the product is legal it should also be legal to consume it.  Imagine if they treated alcohol with the same fervent attitudes they do smoking?  Going to a pro football game one may be exposed to second hand drinking even when you yourself do not imbibe a drop.  Yes, this is ridiculous but so is most second hand smoking rules.  A business owner should be able to have a sign on the door "this is a smoking establishment".  If I choose to be employed there, as long as I was told up front, then I made the choice to accept the risks.  If I walk in the door as a customer then I assume those risks, again as long as it is a known smoking establishment.  If I believe that second hand smoke imperils my life then I have the free choice to eat at another establishment.  If I as a business can't make it on "smoking" customers only then the market has weened me out of business as it should do.  The idea that government, be it local  or national, says to everyone that "it is now illegal to consume a legal product because it might offend a third party" is insane.  There are now areas of the country where it is now illegal to consume a tobacco product in your own home.


    I support people living by the results of their own choices.  If we want to start printing "this product will kill you" on all tobacco products that will preclude people from buying them.  I would point out that life causes death after all.  There is nothing we can do about it.