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    , Richard.Hein wrote


    Hah, I know right?  I should have ordered one right away.  Unfortunately, I had just bought a house at the time.  First world problems.  House closing costs or Xbone.  Tough decision, believe me.  Wink  What I'm disappointed in is that I can't order one online at all.  I can't order one that will come next year, or anything.  That seems like a bad approach to selling things online.  Why not be able to place an order and get on a wait list?  As for the RTs ... they sold out in the beginning and probably wouldn't allow you to get on a wait list either, for the same reasons.  If they had of taken those orders even when out of stock, but said - "sorry, you'll have to wait, but we'll let you know as soon as we have the product in stock and only charge you the day we ship it" - that would have sold more RTs than they did, and the same applies to the XBone.  I realize it's not just MS that does this though; it's everywhere.


    It was painful but I had to cancel my pre-order from Microsoft just last week as we are still paying for our house extension.  (Personally I would rather of had the XBOX One but don't tell the wife I said that)