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    , RealBboy360 wrote

    As for Xbone, you should have ordered one when the pre-orders started.  If you don't understand that or didn't know when the pre-orders started, well lets just say you don't deserve one at launch anyway.  As for comparing it to RTs, RTs were also "sold out" at the start and you couldn't order certain colors.

    Hah, I know right?  I should have ordered one right away.  Unfortunately, I had just bought a house at the time.  First world problems.  House closing costs or Xbone.  Tough decision, believe me.  Wink  What I'm disappointed in is that I can't order one online at all.  I can't order one that will come next year, or anything.  That seems like a bad approach to selling things online.  Why not be able to place an order and get on a wait list?  As for the RTs ... they sold out in the beginning and probably wouldn't allow you to get on a wait list either, for the same reasons.  If they had of taken those orders even when out of stock, but said - "sorry, you'll have to wait, but we'll let you know as soon as we have the product in stock and only charge you the day we ship it" - that would have sold more RTs than they did, and the same applies to the XBone.  I realize it's not just MS that does this though; it's everywhere.