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    If I look at the movies 1,2,3 as something completely unrelated to 4,5,6, I find that ep 1 is better than 2 & 3. Better directing, writing, delivery... Maybe 1 doesn't deliver what fans hoped from SW prequel but as a movie I find it's atleast watchable. Jar Jar is bit annoying but nowhere as annoying as the deficiencies mentioned above in the later movies, particularly ep 3.

    But I do understand that people prefer or look for different things. So the aspects of production that make me cringe don't affect everyone. It's a bit like some say Trek has wooden acting. I see that very clearly in DS9/Voy but with few exceptions the acting in TNG/TOS is above average. There's enough conviction in the technobabble delivery to make one suspend disbelief unless one starts analyzing each word in some familiar context. In SW ep3, the delivery is so horrible that even the non-technobabble stuff completely reveals the actor is all the time in front of some green screen and the writing is so abysmal they can't relate to it at all. In comparison, even if they had filmed LOTR completely in front of green screen, the writing in the books was of such quality that the actors and directors could better imagine the situations and thus know how to direct and act.