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View Thread: Tried out some Windows 8 devices
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    @spivonious: I tried out both these things for a max 10 mins at each location and did not try the Asus with it's keyboard.

    I definitely liked the glossy screen and shiny back of Asus. Not sure if my mind is conditioned to like the "consumer look" of Asus. The tablet itself felt lighter (did not try with the keyboard as i said). Felt more responsive (atleast as far as I perceived it). Ran bunch of apps specifically to test out the responsiveness.

    Surface felt industrial and also more "wider". I thought the camera in Surface was sharper. Liked the surface touch keyboard. I might have been prejudiced by the surface review article at "the verge", but I did feel that the bottom of the kickstand was pointy and sharp. I can see how it could scratch your lap if you rest it on your lap. 

       Also, I did not ask if either of them support DLNA. Would be nice to stream content wirelessly to  the big TV.